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What do our Franchisees Say?


In December 2014, Martin said ‘Sayonara’ to the corporate banking world he was so familiar with for 14 years.


Why would someone in such a successful position want to hang up his boots and just step away? To get back to his passion of travel!

Martin did his homework on the travel franchise market and knew that joining Explorer was the best decision he would ever make. He invested in our top package and it’s paid off for him. Within the first 3 months he made c£140k in sales and he’s consistently topping our sales chart.

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Meet Bernie


If there’s anything you want to know about being a travel franchisee, Paul’s your man.


He’s been with us since Explorer opened its doors in 2005, and he’s established quite a niche for himself selling opera breaks. He stumbled across this market by chance when he started off specialising in Italy. He featured a page on his site about Verona and its acclaimed operas and amphitheatre, which proved very popular.

Paul decided to shift gears and jumped at the chance to exclusively promote operas. He collaborated with us to develop a Verona Opera website and soon enough he became an official ticket agent. It just goes to show that you never know what opportunity lies ahead if you take a chance to try something new.

And you don’t even have to be an expert in the travel industry. Paul was the Head of Account Management for British telecom for 15 years before he made his sea change, and it was the best decision he ever made.

He’s been running his own successful travel website for over 16 years now and has more time to spend doing the things he loves. Join us at our next Discovery Webinar


Jane isn’t one to take a leap of faith when it comes to making a quick buck.


Just like Martin, she researched all potential travel franchises in the U.K. and settled for Explorer in 2012. And it’s a good thing she did. Jane sits comfortably in our record books with the highest comission earning ever made on a single booking! At almost £11,000 it was not a bad days work. Wouldn’t you agree?

Travel is in her blood and it shows through every aspect of her dealings as an Explorer franchisee. Jane was previously an air stewardess for British Airways and therefore appreciates the importance of putting customers first. Every franchisee has their own strategy when it comes to pricing. Jane for example does not like to discount, and all credit to her – it’s made her one of our highest earners to date!

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Meet Katy


If you have been sitting on the fence about taking the plunge and leaving your steady 9-5 job to be your own boss, then take a walk in Vicky’s shoes. She’s living proof that you can do it – and she’s never looked back!

As a mother to a young son, Vicky wanted a flexible work life but also the potential to earn a substantial income. And so came the decision to join the Explorer Travel family in 2009. Vicky started off as a part time franchisee and she’s now made a name for herself as one of our top sellers. Vicky’s not one to brag, but we can tell you she’s more than doubled her earnings since she began.

Previously, Vicky earned just over £13,000 per annum working full time. Now she regularly takes home over £2,500 per month (equivalent to gross earnings of £40,000), and has more time to devote to her son. “Moving to Explorer was a little frightening after being employed with a regular, guaranteed salary but I have not looked back. The training and support is fantastic. Work is fun and the Explorer team and franchisees are like family. We all help each other out.”


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