Can I really make money while I sleep?

Of course! Your travel website is open 24/7 for customers to come and go as they please regardless if you’re asleep or awake. Every product we sell attracts a commission from the supplier/suppliers used. Commission rates vary depending on the supplier, but every time you secure a booking, you’ll receive a chunk of the share. In 2016 one of our agents made a single booking that generated £12,500 in commission!

Can I offer discounts on holidays?

Absolutely. We all love a great deal and there may be times when a promotion will help boost your sales. It’s completely up to you when and how you run a promotion, but we’re here to help out if you need a hand. You’re also entitled to purchase your own holidays at net cost.

What holidays are in demand and worth specialising in?

We’re constantly gathering travel data together with our suppliers and have a long list of destinations and travel categories that present huge potential, which we can recommend to you.

What kind of support is included?

We won’t throw you to the wolves – after your initial induction training you’ll have a support team of experienced admin, IT, accounts, training and sales staff available to lend you a hand. For example our admin team will handle all your ticketing, invoices, supplier documentation and much more. In the weeks following your initial training you’ll also receive specialist business mentoring in social media and web marketing.

Can I have a business partner?

Yes, however they’ll need to be trained by us according to ABTA standards before they can sell travel. Each franchise package includes training for 2 people.

How much money can I make?

How much do you want to make? There’s no limit to how much you could earn, it all depends on the time and effort you put in. Our average commission paid on a single sale is £266.00*. This means that if you averaged 3 bookings per week across the year, your commission income would be over £40,000*.

*For illustration purposes only and not a guarantee of income.

What do I need to get started?

To be part of the Explorer Travel franchise you’ll need a PC (or equivalent), broadband connection and a telephone (or VOIP). You may want to consider a printer if you don’t have one, but we’re all about keeping your overheads low so if you don’t need it – don’t buy it!

Aside from the initial start up fee and monthly fee, are there any other costs involved?

Your only real fixed costs are our monthly management fees. If you already have a PC, broadband and a telephone line you’re essentially sorted! We’re all about keeping costs to a minimum and commissions high to give you maximum profit potential.

I am definitely interested. What’s the next step?

Attend one of our informative, no obligation Discovery Days sessions, or if you’re already certain this is the business path for you, we encourage you to meet with us.

How long is the franchise agreement?

The standard agreement is 5 years but this can be altered to suit your individual needs.

What happens if I want to leave the franchise before the contract ends?

You’re free to move on provided you give us 3 months’ notice.

Do I have to be set up as a Limited Company?

You can run your business as a Limited Company or sole trader – it’s completely up to you!

What do the management fees cover?

We’re glad you asked! The fee covers a range of services critical for your business including personal indemnity insurance, website creation and hosting, website maintenance, ABTA registration and membership, back office systems software licences, and admin and marketing support.

Can I purchase one package and upgrade to another?

We’d love you to! You can upgrade at any time by paying the difference in the franchise fee between your current package and the package you’re upgrading to.