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At Explorer Travel we care about the planet, the environment, and the animal kingdom.

As a business, we went “Green” before going “Green” became a popular thing to do. Way back in 2010 we moved our staff back to their homes to reduce their carbon footprint by removing the need to commute. We told our suppliers that we would no longer accept physical post and we started to host our meetings via Skype.

As a travel agent, we can be accused of promoting climate change through carbon emissions caused by flying, however, we are now countering this argument by promoting “sustainable” travel which gives more back to the planet than it takes away.

We are also now using a percentage of our profits to support an animal rescue and rehabilitation charity called Wild & Free.

Wild & Free was established in 2014 by Geraldine Morelli, a passionate conservationist, to help save injured and endangered animals in habitats all over the world.

The great work that the charity does can be summarised by Salma’s story, a baby elephant that was caught in a snare, badly injured and separated from her family.

To find out more about Wild & Free please visit their website where you will discover more about their projects and also how to donate.

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