How do I make money from this?

Virtually every product that we sell attracts a commission from the supplier/suppliers used. Each supplier pays different commission rates so every time we make a booking, this generates profit for you.

In 2016 one of our agents made a single booking that generated £12,500 in commission !!!!!!

Can I offer discounts on holidays?


We appreciate that at times you may need to run a promotion or offer discounts on deals. This is part of your armory as your profitability is totally in your hands. Likewise you may wish to take your own holidays at Net cost.

I am interested in specialising in a certain area but am not sure where I would like to specialise in?

We are constantly gathering travel data in conjunction with our suppliers and have a long list of destinations and genres of travel that have a huge opportunity for the coming years.

What support will I get in the first few months with your packages?

After your initial Induction training we have a support team consisting of Administration, IT, Accounts, Training and Sales.

Our admin team will handle all your ticketing, invoices, supplier documentation and much more.

For the first 6 weeks following your Induction Training course, we provide you with specialist Business Mentoring in Social media and Web Marketing.

In addition to the above we run specialist workshops (Optional) which will give you advanced tools on such subjects as Google Advertising, Email Marketing and Selling Skills.

I want to run this business with my colleague, is this OK?

Yes, however they will need to go through our Induction Training course before they can sell travel to clients.

Included with each franchise package is the facility to train two people.( additional cost may apply)

How much can I earn?

How much do you want to earn?

Earnings are unlimited but the amount you will earn always depends upon the amount of time and effort you invest.

Our Average Commission paid on a single sale is £266.00*. This means that if you averaged 3 bookings per week across the year, your commission income would be over £40,000*

What equipment do I need to go and buy?

To operate our Franchise you will need a Broadband Connection and a Telephone (Or VOIP).

You may want to consider a printer if you dont have one but as you can see, our methodology is all about low overheads and some of the best commissions in the industry giving you the best opportunity to succeed.

I have read the details on the packages and notice the Start up fee and monthly fee. Are there any other costs involved?

Your only real fixed costs are the monthly management fees. Most people already have broadband, a PC and a telephone line. We are all about keeping costs to a minimum and commissions high to give you maximum profit potential.

I am definitely interested. What is the next step?

You may want to attend one of our informative, no obligation Discovery Days or if you have done all your research and have decided this is the business for you, you may want to arrange a one to one meeting with us.

or use our Contact Form to email us.

*for illustration purposes only and not a guarantee of income.